Green Venture Capital Firm Flails as Investments Go Bust
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  • Lorenz Gude

    Yes, for a business to succeed it has to not be too far ahead of its time. And if turns out the climate is not warming catastrophically then these guys are in the wrong business to boot. Bigger than the Internet – my left hoof.

    • Kavanna


  • gunsmithkat

    “Green Energy” is a non-solution to a non-problem. Carbon dioxide at 400PPM is good for the planet, not the other way around. The air you breathe out contains approx. 43,000PPM CO2.

  • Andrew Allison

    “The problem with the green agenda isn’t necessarily that it’s wrong about the problems it’s trying to fix. The climate may well be catastrophically warming, but it doesn’t follow from that fact that the greens’ favored solutions are effective, optimal, or inevitable.” is too kind.

    Leading AGW alarmists are at a loss to explain the total disconnect between atmospheric CO2 and global temperature since 1996.

    In light of this fact, a more balanced statement would be, “The problem with the green agenda is that that there’s no evidence that greens’ favored solutions are effective, optimal, or inevitable.”

  • Marty Keller

    The challenge of the “green agenda” is that it’s the latest iteration of the toxic alliance between “progressives” and rent-seekers, all cheered on by the groupthink culture of the MSM.

  • Daniel Nylen

    The question I have is whether this was an honest attempt at getting ahead of the next wave of the future or an attempt at cronyism and rent-seeking? If an attempt at finding the next wave, then great– although I think that they were wrong. That said, we as a society needs to try 100 paths (spend $) to find the one or two that actually leads to the future. We don’t know what the next wave is, until someone starts to bring it to market.

  • John B

    If there’s one firm I would not be too concerned about going bust, then this is it. It demonstartes that the market is at least partially self regulating. Unfortunately the insidious hand of government dictat, through various ill advised subsidy schemes and unjust carbon taxes, mean that the damage caused to the wellbeing of the poorer in society will continue much longer than is necessary.
    Unfortunately the real charlatans like Gore usually, as in this case, withdrew their money while the going was good before the bubble burst.

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