Are College Costs Peaking?
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  • Pete

    Sure, colleges will lower tuition to get/keep students and don’t be surprised if they also soften the academic standards even more.

  • Does anyone have a good handle on reliable reports about how much of tuition costs go to pay for bloated sports programs? Or are these programs all with alumni money?

  • Jim Luebke

    So tell me, is it difficult for the Credentialed Elite to control who gets financial aid?

    When I was applying for colleges, scholarships could be handed out based on race, creed, color, or any criteria the donor chose (even nepotism).

    Berkeley decided that my merit-based Regents scholarship was worth less than the price of books for a quarter. (I went with another institution that gave me full tuition / fees for merit). Since then I’ve heard Berkeley has discontinued merit-based scholarships altogether. Abolishing objective measures of performance like standardized testing is a perennial favorite hobbyhorse of the Politically Correct, too.

    Clever manipulation of this system — eliminating objective measures of talent, eliminating funding based on talent, setting financial barriers to entry very high, then selectively lowering them for people the High and Mighty wish to prefer (to create clients, reduce the influence of opponents, etc) — could control access to power and inside information as effectively as rule by lobbyists.

    The Boomers aren’t just eating their children, they’re putting roadblocks up for talented people to get ahead, in favor of mediocre people who agree with their politics in exchange for a chance at power.

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