Hungarian Fascism Update: Anti-Semitic Rally in Budapest
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  • thrasymachus02

    Jews are proud and unapologetic of their special influence in the media-

  • Jim Luebke

    White males need to pay particular attention to this trend. Despite the fact that most of us are regular unassuming folks (like the Eastern European peasantry that made up a large percentage of Europe’s Jewish population as late as the 1930s), we’re accused of being unjustifiably rich and powerful.

    The Democrats insist on pursuing a “demographic” (racist) strategy of anti-assimilation and passing off racial envy as “justice”.

    It would take surprisingly little to push white guys into the same spot European Jews were in, in the 1940s.

  • From NYC to Hungary to central European countries like Germany, anti-semitism is alive and well. This is a very real and serious trend, and reminds us that humans are still capable of turning viciously on an innocent minority when tragedy strikes or economic times are bad. “Never again”, indeed.

    At the risk of getting my head bit off, I would like to suggest there is something influential American Jews might at least consider doing if they want to lessen the chances such an development here at home. They could speak up loudly and clearly for the fundamental interests of the average American worker when it comes to the bread-and-butter issues of trade and immigration and how our society can best adapt to technological advances.

    Right now the American working class is voiceless and friendless in these three crucial policy areas, and it is being hung out to dry.

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