Anti-EU Party Makes Huge Gains in Britain
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  • Pete

    “For all its faults, the EU remains a worthwhile experiment, and it’s not in either the UK’s or the EU’s best interests for the UK to leave. ”

    This is just an assertion; you offer no proof … nor can you.

    • Jim Luebke

      It would be interesting to hear people evaluate of the European situation in 2013, compared to the European situation in 1913.

      Generals have trouble when they try to fight the last war, instead of the current one. Apparently politicians can run into trouble when they try to solve the last crisis, instead of the current one.

  • “But this is a self-inflicted wound, a predictable reaction to the total diaster that is the euro and European monetary policy.”

    Please, this is about immigration… not the euro.

    “If fringe nationalist parties are on the rise, the architects of European policy have only themselves to blame.”

    The elitists on both sides of the Atlantic who are hollowing out The West via mammonism and multiculturalism are to blame.

  • rheddles

    “a predictable reaction to the total diaster (sic) that is the euro and European monetary policy.”

    Hardly as the UK does not use the Euro. It is a reaction to the loss of sovereignty reflected in the deluge of regulation from Brussels that most Britons resent, beginning with no longer being able to buy a pint.

  • John Stephens

    Every experiment must come to an end, so the results may be evaluated. It’s time to terminate the EU and write up the lab report.

  • Watching from afar it seems absurd that the EU governments (voters) continue to allow immigration when their own unemployment is so bad. An adult response – both in europe and America – would be to stop immigration until the employment situation for citizens picked-up, including deporting non-citizens as necessary until the supply-and-demand of labor and jobs reduced unemployment to whatever those governments think is the right amount – 4%? 5%? Isn’t the first responsibility of any government their own nation? The same is true in America. Of course the pols never will do the adult thing as they pander for today’s votes that they find more important than the futures of their nations. But, then, seriously, if any europeans actually cared about the future of europe, they’d have a fertility over 2.1 – and NONE of them can boast that. Why anyone worries about the future of a continent that has, for 3 generations, refused to have children FOR that future, is beyond thinking people.

  • It took a millennium of warfare to unite Europe; wish they could make a better go of their union than this.

    • Why must the solution to a millenium of warfare be a “united Europe”? The solution to a millenium of warfare only needs to be “no more warfare.” The “union” part is a separate issue.

      • Jim Luebke

        Arguably, Europe did a far better job being disunited — entrepreneurs of various types who faced a veto from their local leadership could shop their ideas around to nearby powerbrokers for a better deal.

        Giving Brussels too much power is as much a mistake as giving DC too much power.

  • Andrew Allison

    With respect, I think you overlooked a key point, namely that is the Lib Dems, whom UKIP out-polled 2:1, which has been marginalized.

  • Kavanna

    The major wars of Europe have been caused by, ahem, someone trying to forcibly “unify” the Europeans. Europe has been at peace when nations respect one another’s reality.

    The EU would be worth while if it were simply a security treaty and a free trade zone. But instead it’s become a bureaucratic nightmare of imposed regulation down to the last detail, absurd subsidies, a bloated and parasitic banking sector, and (of course) the disaster of the euro (the EMU).

    Bet the Irish look on enviously to the UKIP.

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