Health Care Is Too Important to Entrust to Humans
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  • rheddles

    John Hopkins? Really?

  • Jim Luebke

    And what if these innovations fail to drive the costs of health care down?

    We need a contingency — in fact, it would be best if this were “Plan A” — that staves off national bankruptcy whether or not we can innovate our way out of this mess.

    “What happens to people who depend on government if you cut back on entitlements?” you may ask. That’s the wrong question — “What happens to these people, and everyone else in this country, if the country goes bankrupt?” is a more pressing question.

    The answer is, it will be worse if the country goes bankrupt, and the people who would suffer if we cut back entitlements will suffer anyway — definitely more of them, and probably in a much worse way.

    *This is Scylla and Charybdis, guys. Steer for Scylla.*

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