Peace Is Not at Hand: Hamas Training Youth for Violence
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  • As usual with Hamas, the “occupation” they wish to eliminate is the one between Gaza and the “green line” with the West Bank, including such historically Palestinian Arab Muslim cities as Tel Aviv. This is why I insist there cannot be a single Palestinian state; adding two votes instead of one in the UN is a small cost to take focus away from the inevitable complaints about Israel cutting a single, Gaza + WB Palestine in two.

  • skhpcola

    They can procure ammunition to allow teenagers to puff up their self-esteem and inculcate hatred, but I can’t find any unless I’m willing to pay 3x what it cost last year? Hope and Change, baby!

  • BrianFrankie

    “Apparently it comes at the expense of geography and current events classes too. Last time we looked, Israeli forces weren’t occupying Gaza.”

    This is as outstandingly witless a line in as naive a post as I have ever read from Via Meadia. The issue here is very much more with VM than Hamas. The Islamic Resistance Movement has been absolutely consistent with their message, which is written in their charter, repeated ad infinitum by their spokesmen, taught in their schools, and fervently believed by their cadre. The occupation they refer to is Palestine, stretching from the Lebanese border to the Gulf of Aqaba, and from the Jordan River to the Med.

    Via Meadia is the one not familiar with geography and not listening to the participants in the conflict if you seriously believe what you are writing. You insist on filtering the actions and statements of Hamas through your Western perspective, and completely miss what is being said. Until you, and similar well-meaning (I hope, although it is often hard to tell) policy makers, actually get your minds around the issues, there is little hope for progress, or even for understanding the response of the Israelis to the actions of Hamas. Israel certainly has no illusions about the goals of Hamas.

  • USNK2

    Don’t worry Mr. Mead. You have plenty of time. After political Islam kills the Saturday people, then they will kill the Sunday people in preparation for killing all the real heretics (think Bamiyan Buddhas and Bollywood to quantify that death toll).
    A belief system that thinks Adam was the first Muslim makes for interesting textbooks and maps.

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