Ron Paul Sabotages Son’s Race with Fringe Advisory Board
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  • I just wish these two disappear from the political scene. So toxic, misinformed and ignorant. Why are some Americans (Libertarians) so ignorant and dumb? What possesses them to be so so dumb like this? Frustrating!

    • Kavanna

      Yes. I have many libertarian leanings (although not on foreign policy — even something libertarians want, free trade, takes political effort to maintain and expand — in a world of power, it’s not “natural”). The organized movement just cannot seem to separate itself from the fringe crazies who linger around its edges. What Ayn Rand said about them 40 years ago remains true — “hippies of the Right” — as she carefully dissociated herself from them.

      Ron Paul is not a libertarian, but a paleoconservative, like Pat Buchanan. Unlike Pat, he did realize in the last 20 years that to get any traction, he would have to remake his public persona into something more libertarian. But the paleocon insanity is never far from the surface. Anyone familiar with paleocon subculture would not be surprised in the slightest by the people on this board.

      Unfortunately, the Tea Party rebellion against the Republican establishment is petering out. The angry voters are still there and right to be angry. But the movement is incapable of generating serious leadership on its own (Michele Bachmann’s foreign policy is now to ban felafel and other “jihadi” foods). All that’s left is dubious pre-existing figures like Paul. The Republican establishment, OTOH, discredited itself by embracing Bushism in the last decade, including Bush’s embrace of toxic Democratic policies, like subprime lending and nation-building in places where “nation” is more hope than reality.

      American politics, like American journalism, is in a disastrous state. We have no serious opposition to the worst president since Carter, and — unlike in 1980 — journalism is dying or dead.

      By their fruity Fruit Loops shall ye know them.

  • TheCynical1

    Agreed, groupthink would make America better.

  • joe___h

    Senator Rand Paul wants to be Jesse Helms, not Senator McCain. There is no alignment of stars that would allow him to capture the Republican nomination; he knows that –the media spin cycle would crush him.

  • It just bears out that Ron Paul has been a loony tune all along.

  • Billy Mitchum

    Yea he didn’t have much effect on Republican politics minus the insurgency going on

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