Israeli General Convinced Assad Used Chemical Weapons
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  • Yes. If only Assad used good ol’ PLAIN BOMBS like any other decent tyrant, things would be much brighter for everyone involved. But no, he goes naughty. Can’t someone teach him some manners, please? Show him how it’s done?

  • ak

    “It’s hard to imagine how the President could parse his way out of his previous “red line” talk if evidence continues to emerge that Assad is gassing his own people. ”

    Not at all given Obama’s history of talking big and not meaning it. Short of Assad going on TV and bragging about gassing his people, there’s always “doubt” and “the need to further assess available information.”

  • I notice the Obama administration classified the homemade pressure-cooker bombs used in Boston as “weapons of mass destruction.” Isn’t that lowering the bar?

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