Game of Thrones on the High Peaks
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  • Could Chinese provocations drive the smaller states bordering China into a grand alliance to contain China, which is exactly what the Chinese don’t want? Could we see South and Southeast Asian rivals joining to contain China? Ultimately will the US be drawn into an Asian Commitment?

  • Anthony

    China is developing regional hegemon. What you infer WRM is defensive coalition against inevitable; it may or may not develop but U.S. at moment provides backstop/shield for China’s neighbors – excluding North Korea. However, what you describe above may be part and parcel of Xi Jinping’s the great remaissance of the Chinese nation.

  • Douglas Levene

    Ladakh is an old Himalayan kingdom that is culturally and religiously Tibetan although the language spoken is Ladakhi. Ladakh (capital: Leh) today comprises geographically a large majority of the state that India calls Jammu & Kashmir, although Ladahkis are only a small minority of the state’s population. If you ask the Tibetan Buddhist Ladakhis whether they would prefer to be ruled by India or Pakistan, they overwhelmingly pick India. As Prof. Mead notes, large parts of Ladakh are currently ruled by China. I do not know how populated those regions are compared to the parts under Indian rule. I have never heard of any foreigner visiting Chinese-ruled Ladakh and information about life there is exceedingly rare.

  • Anthony

    This is off topic WRM: since introduction of Disqus format, an observation (generally speaking) that anonymity of check icons beneath comment section provides mechanism to pass superficial judgment (up or down) without engaging merit or demerit of comment via reply merits consideration. That is, perhaps a good deal of low grade frustrated hostility to differing points of view is being expended anonymously – leaving to speculation that anonymity may mask intolerance of differing point of view or that if comment does not harmonize with predispose inclination it is strongly opposed whatever may be objectively the case. Just trying to stay in line with guidelines set out at Mrs. Mead’s table in 21st century world.

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