Credible Threat? US Sells Weapons Package to Israel and Gulf Allies
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  • Weren’t Iran’s nuclear ambitions one of Uncle Sam’s minor headaches once? And he refused to take an aspirin?

    Now the issue has grown to a massive brain tumor and a desperate Uncle Sam is preparing to blow his brains out as a cure.

    There should be some kind of universal health care for countries.

  • I would prefer to see Israel do the deed if possible. Just as they did with Iraq and Syria, as a pure act of self-defense. We should give them the tools.

    I would hate to see the US “go to war” with Iran over this if a quicker, cleaner solution exists.

    • Corlyss Drinkard

      I see. Like the Brits in WW 1, far better to send Aussies, Kiwis, and Canadians to the slaughter than British. Why spend your own blood on your objectives when you can jack some other poor slob into spending his.

  • To be sure, Israel would prefer to attack Iran with the most advanced weapons available and better yet would like to see the US, with its vastly greater armaments, do the job. That said, I think everyone has been underestimating both the punch Israel could bring to such an attack and the degree of military risk it would assume if it concluded it had no alternative. Israel is supposed to lack bunker busters, lack refueling capacity, lack the number of aircraft needed for a successful strike or two or three.

    But consider the 1981 Israeli strike on Iraq’s Osarik reactor (I know, one target, not hardened, but bear with me). That target was destroyed by eight strike fighter-bombers, covered by another six fighters. They flew unchallenged both ways through the airspace of three Arab countries. They made the round trip withour refueling by carrying added fuel tanks under their wings. They spent two minutes at the target, destroyed it totally, and pulled it off without losing a single plane or pilot.

    Moving to the present, Israel has no bunker busters? Who says? This technologically advanced country with one of the world’s best militaries could not over the past decade as Iran loomed larger as an existential threat develop its own bunker busters?

    Israel needs a B-2 to deliver a bunker buster? Not so. Fancier new ones maybe, but the US dropped them on Tora Bora from a C-130
    transport — and Israel has C-130s.

    Israel doesn’t have enough refueling aircraft to make the multiple strikes on five or six targets? First, for some targets, the Osarik tactic of adding fuel tanks to F-16As might suffice. Second, Israel has some refuelers, it can modify some of its C-130s to that purpose, and the US is now providing more. Plus, Israel may overfly targets if it can arrange landings in a neighboring country. And given the stakes, would Israel not accept the risk of losing some planes and crews forced to ditch in the Gulf?

    Israel doesn’t have enough striking power, ie, not enough planes? This is the least persuasive argument. The Osarik target was destroyed by eight aircraft (it really needed only four). Multiply that by 10 and Israel would have plenty of its nearly 200 suitable aircraft left — and of course, there is little reason to think that the first 80 won’t return and be able to fly another mission.

    What’s more, seldom noticed, Israel has an impressive armory of cruise missiles that can be fired from air, sea or land, and is known to be developing ballistic missiles.

  • Corlyss Drinkard

    And if Israel acts? Why, Obama will be the first to condemn it.

    I swear this is the most pernicious and perverse administration in my lifetime. Cowardly, duplicitous, arrogant, petty, amateurish, incompetent, verging on the moronic, unctuous, sycophantic, solipsistic, slavish to every minority whiner, grandiose, opportunistic to the defiance of systematic policy, proudly ignorant, and feckless to mind-numbing degree.

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