Fun Fun Fun on the Autobahn
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  • Fat_Man

    I see driverless cars every time I go on the highway. There maybe people sitting behind the steering wheels, but they are very clearly not driving. They are texting, talking on the phone, reading the newspaper, putting on make-up, disciplining their children, dealing the the dog in front of them, etc. They are doing anything but driving.

    I think that getting computers to drive these driverless cars would be a big step forward.

    • Really, driverless cars (getting flashbacks to ‘horseless carriages’) are only catching up to where humans want them to be. The ‘driver’ doesn’t want to drive to where they want to go.

  • Bruno_Behrend


    While is see this as inevitable, this will be the end of the auto industry.

    Once the first cars come out, the first laws will restrict human drivers in populated areas, then everywhere.

    Once that happens, there will be no need for a Mercedes, BMWs or “driving machines.”

    Life will be reduced to oatmeal in every sector, as the stifling, sclerotic, dead hand of soccer momism makes life unlivable for the adventurous or curious.

    I recommend the movies “The Bothersome Man” or even Stallone’s “Demolition Man” so that you can get a taste for just how awful such a future is.

    Space travel can’t come fast enough.

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