I Know the Plans I Have For You, Says the Lord
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  • “Other civilizations throughout history have built great buildings—pyramids and palaces and castles and cathedrals and great walls, and some have even carved huge idols in mountainsides. Yet all of those civilizations have either perished, been layered over to oblivion, or are likely one day to be layered over. Jews instead built palaces of memory in the hearts and minds of their children using words and melodies, not bricks and stone. Jews have translated their historical experiences into ramparts of the spirit.”

    Something the whole world should learn how to do.

    In a sense the Holocaust was an emblematic event. There was not a single outrage committed against the Jews in Europe in the years 1939-1944 which had not been perpetrated countless times on equally innocent men, women, and children since history and civilization began. A terrible human price has been paid to build the modern world. We should never forget it — Jews and gentiles alike.

  • James Bean

    I have actually always thought the worship of the Warsaw uprising HURT, rather than helped, the memory of the holocaust.

    The holocaust, and initial systematic rounding up of jews, is almost incomprehensible in its scope and effectiveness of dehumanization.

    Jews went, like lambs to slaughter, to concentration camps. There was nothing heroic about it. It was a systematic, perfectly methodical dehumanization.

    By focusing on one minor instance of rebellion, the holocaust is actually cheapened. It was not an asymmetrical war…it was a total breakdown of the human will and should be remembered as such.

  • Steven Walser

    Thank you for that link, it was beautifully written and a very interesting look into Jewish thought with a great lesson for all men.

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