Want Cheaper Health Care? Retire Abroad
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  • Jim Luebke

    Don’t fully reimburse. If you reimburse, lots of money goes abroad, and doctors abroad hike their prices to account for the new subsidy.

    What you need to do is set a fixed payment that is a fraction of what you’d get stateside. It may be enough to cover the service, it may not.

    Medical tourism is probably the best solution overall. Anyone who can afford the price of a ticket can afford the price of the operation listed here.

    This approach would definitely have been discovered, and would probably be very widespread by now, if people had to pay for medical out of their own pockets instead of having the government pay for it all. But no, markets are evil!

  • Lorenz Gude

    At 70 and an Australian citizen with Australian Government and private insurance I am well looked after. I have had a lot of attempts to cure my AF with cardioversions and an ablation. I have not had to pay anything even though I am using the private system. i pay $1300 a year for US Medicare for when I visit the US, and if later in life I decide to move back. Haven’t had to use it yet, thank goodness.

  • There are many options for retiring abroad, if you’re interested!

    following article gives several options for overseas retirement, as well as what to do if you want to retire overseas but your spouse does


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