Obamacare Architect Warns “Huge Train-Wreck” Ahead
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  • NoNewt

    We’re beginning to see how the Democrats function here – ObamaCare’s hallmarks are all over the Democrats’ (plus anti-sovereignty RINOs’) Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants bill:

    1. Massive, complex, unreadable bill designed to be “comprehensive” in addressing a large problem

    2. Written in close cooperation with special interests, with almost no open legislating or openness to ideas from “the people” (or even the entire Congress)

    3. Meant to be pushed through as quickly as possible, even if this means in an unorthodox fashion – see “reconciliation” for Obamacare, and the latest attempts to push through Amnesty with no debates in the Senate, courtesy of Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy (Democrat)

    4. Designed to address a problem (rising healthcare costs, illegal immigrants entering the US without any enforcement of the law and harming US citizens’ employment and wages), it actually makes the problem much worse (pushing up healthcare costs, allowing the illegal immigrants to stay and encouraging even more via substitution of “future plans” in place of any enforcement or security for at least *5-10 years* (!), meaning no letup in the pain for American workers)

    5. Overall, an ethos of “we’ll have to pass it for you to see what’s inside” prevails in both cases – and the Average Joe, treated with such contempt by his closed-door lawmakers with their complex bills of thousands of moving parts, knows better than his betters from the outset that the law will only worsen a crisis and make things for him and his fellow citizens much, much worse

  • It has yet to hit people where it hurts but it’s coming. My single 27-year-old daughter just got a renewal notice for her individual health policy that explicitly attributes the 20% rate increase to ACA provisions such as no preexisting conditions and children eligible for her coverage up to age 26 (neat trick).

  • rheddles

    Wasn’t this mess was created by the people of Massachusetts who elected Scott Brown, forcing the Senate to act before he took his seat? I guess they already had RomneyCare, so how much worse could things get?

    • ojfl

      No it was not rheddles. The law was passed after Senator Brown took his seat and because of that they used reconciliation.

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