China’s Nork Headache
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  • Lorenz Gude

    I don’t know how the Chinese – the Party or the public regarded the Korean war at first, but I do know that Americans pretty well forgot it and saw it through MacArthur’s lens – “There is no substitute for victory.” Given South Korea’s economic and political progress, I think it has moved into the win column from the US point of view. So one has to wonder how much does China put up with North Korea to save face and pretend that their fighting us to a standstill 60 years ago is still a victory. It seems to me they should make it clear to the NORKS that is their way . (You know ‘socialism with Chinese features’) or the highway. Enough already.

  • Jim Luebke

    I wouldn’t treat their rocketry too lightly. The Pacific is big, but not that big.

    In fact, it would be best to pray that we get missile defense up and running before they can get their aim right.

    That would give us some extra deterrent ability with Iran, too. If we could reliably shoot down any nukes they might develop, the advantage they gain (and thus their motivation) for developing them gets reduced as well.

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