On Employer-Based Insurance, A Swing and a Miss for Obamacare
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  • Andrew Allison

    “. . . but what is notable is how all sides agree that it would be a failure if the health care law decreased employer-based insurance.” The thrust of the article is not whether but by how much it will be reduced. QED.
    And this without getting into the other problem which you have addressed in the past, namely why would anybody who doesn’t have employer-based insurance pay for insurance until they need it?

  • Jim Luebke

    What one survey giveth, another taketh away…

    Read the rest of the article. Another survey correlated cost increases to coverage reductions. And employers expect ACA to raise their costs — about half expected costs to go up by 1-4%, and one out of six expected the costs to go up by more than 10%.

    That’s two-thirds of employers who expect their costs to increase, without even including employers who expect costs to increase in the 4-10% range! And with higher costs comes lower coverage rates, however many employers “offer” insurance.

    I’m surprised VM missed the critical point so completely here. Hasn’t the thrust of most healthcare articles here been that we need to *reduce* costs?

    ACA has failed, in that, and that’s unambiguous.

  • Lorenz Gude

    Yes, we are still suffering from the unintended consequences of employer funded health care that grew out of WW2 wage controls. It is eminently arguable that it cost us GM and Chrysler. But the elephant in the room is that we are already paying twice as much as other countries to get the same or slightly worse health outcomes. It is simply moving the deck chars around on that famously sinking ship to worry about exactly how we will sustain the unsustainable.

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