Will Japan Save the European Periphery?
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  • Jim Luebke

    Isn’t this just a sign that Japan is trying to push yen into as many hands as possible to enhance its export sector, and buying other countries’ debt is the strategy least likely to trip “currency manipulation” red flags?

  • Andrew Allison

    Given the steady deterioration of the French economy, this would appear to be a frying-pan to fire strategy!

  • Kavanna

    This is frying pan into the next frying pan. France’s economy is a zombie, heading in the same direction as Italy. But it currently looks better than Japan, where something very, very bad is brewing.

    Look at the JGB prices — every prior QE announcement brought JGB prices up. So it was here — at first. But the last two days are something new, prices dropping, starting to show what’s coming.

    Of course, the Princetonian witch doctors will never admit the reality: that their hyper-Keynesian policies have led Japan down a long, dreary road to a dead end. National bankruptcy is a year or two away.

    France will come next. The USD will look good, even better — for a while.

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