Corrupt Pols Running America’s Biggest Nanny State
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  • qet

    Via Meadia is hitting for power today. First the Jobs/Gay Marriage assault. Now this. Sorry to take up space in the comments repeating what was said in the original post, but this may be the best precis of our national malaise that I have ever read, a Via Meadiasburg Address. It is equally true of our national governnment: “In New York, the government has its finger in every pie, and politics is full of hypocritical blue swill about helping the poor and the needy. New York has a government that wants to do what it shouldn’t do, that can’t do what it ought to do, and that has been hijacked by a criminal class of political hacks. This is what blue model decline looks like.” Well done!

    [note: edited to correctly spell Meadia].

  • JT

    Reading further about New York’s criminality, hardly surprising I suppose, but on Michelle Malkin’s sight today is a mention about how a police wistleblower in the Empire state was placed into a psych ward after reporting on the active manipulation of crime statistics by politicians.

    With the report on how education results have been greatly manipulated in the big Apple too, it didn’t come as a surprise.

    It’s an old saying, but seems to hold true unfortunately – government can be good at creating a privileged class, and additionally a criminal class.

  • Kuze81

    “In addition to the high-profile embarassments like the “Big Gulp Ban” and the proposed ear bud ban…”

    I couldn’t find anything on an earbud ban, just an education campaign about the effects of loud earphones on hearing.

  • Brilliant article.
    The problem is that no more than one in 10,000 New Yorkers will ever see this type of truthful analysis. The hyper corrupt NY media will never investigate or report on these matters in any honest fashion.

  • Rick Caird

    And, I am sure Schumer does not share in any of that corruption.

  • Fifty Ville

    New York, bah! Pikers! Amateurs!

    Illinois politicians are in terms of sheer corruption like barracuda to those New York guppies.

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