Illegal Immigration Debate Is So 1990s
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  • Ethan Rosen

    To be fair, many of the other debates going on this country are 20-30 years behind the times…

  • Addendum: I should have said “until we can restore the real hourly take-home pay of low-skilled Americans to what it used to be” since that, not total compensation, is the best measure of a worker’s standard of living. The rise in the cost of health insurance should not be allowed to obscure this reality anymore than the rise in the number of hours on the job now required to earn an equal amount of real disposable income.

  • SyeismicheskieShchenok

    You’re missing the point. It’s not just about Mexico but all of Latin America, especially in this day of easy air travel. And there are also lots of Chinese and then Africans whose populations are exploding. If we let amnesty to pass through, it will send a message all over the world that if people arrive in America illegally, they will eventually be amnestied and put on the pathway to citizenship.

    And if Mead really cares about the GOP, he should know that most non-white immigrants, legal and illegal, tend to vote Democratic.
    Does Mead in tune with the majority of Americans, or is he a shill for corporate interests and neocon globalists. And if Mead wants open borders for US and Europe, why is he supportive of Israel’s closed border policy?

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