Is a Good Man Hard to Find?
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  • johngbarker

    Do people in the elite colleges really believe they have a monopoly on intelligence? What is the effect of SAT prep, legacy status, high school grade inflation and social class on admission to Princeton and similar institutions.

    • As a recent History B.A. (and two years without work afterwards), I can tell you college educators and degree-holders believe they are smart, they have the test results to say so! Regrettably, their (and my own) smarts preclude them from questioning the basis of their degree: are you smart, or have you served time and coughed up the cash?

      Spoilers: I was able to get an almost-B average by speed-reading the books (they were so close to being interesting!), and writing most of my papers the week before they were due. Heck, I got a B in a course I wrote ALL my essays the day before they were due.

  • Whadda snob! Doesn’t she know men don’t care about intelligence in women? They care about smarts, which is a completely different thing. Women ought to do the same.

    • Kavanna

      An important distinction, to be sure. Understanding post-modern semiotics is one thing. Knowing how to get and pay off a mortgage, say, is quite another.

  • Kavanna

    Well, we know a hard man is good to find 🙂

    Everything in our society today is run by the Boomers, who’ve done whatever they can to dumb down, stupidify, vulgarize, and bamboozle the next generation. How else do you explain that next generation doing something as retarded as voting for The One?

    Anyway, it would be best to end all the trends that make it so hard for teens and young adults to grow up these days. Then we can get to repairing marriage, sex, relationships, etc.

    • And I would add a good woman (read wife) is especially hard to find. Most of the women i met in college were obsessed with feminism and careers. They were ardently pro-choice which meant sex on demand but no children. They wanted to fight over every issue such as should a man open a door for a woman and be a gentleman. I voted with my feet. I left such women far behind and married a smart and attractive high school graduate from the provinces. Big plus: zero school debt.

      • Kavanna

        The atmosphere has gotten a lot worse in the last 20 years, I know. It wasn’t as bad yet in the 80s. I married an college-educated immigrant instead.

  • Reminds me of a scene in one of Henry James’ novels. The husband arrives at dinner straight from his firm on Wall Street looking, in James’ description, like a deep sea diver who has just emerged from his suit. Today, in the Ivy League at least, all the wives are supposed to want to be deep sea divers too.

    The truth is, most careers in upper management are tedious, soul-sucking things. If you have eavesdropped in a few offices you know what I mean. Few things compare — for variety, challenge, and intrinsic satisfaction — to being an upper-middle class housewife with an estate to manage and a passel of kids.

  • Can’t imagine there are that many “true-green” voters out there to support programs like this one. We have created a new vested interest though.

  • Jim Luebke

    I wonder which will happen first… Euro-Atlantic culture figures out how to reproduce itself at a rate of 2.1 children per woman, or its population shrinks to the point of irrelevance, overtaken by “poor benighted” cultures whose devotion to traditional family forms makes them dominant because they bother to have kids?

  • davesnothere

    “Courses like ‘How to Become an Outstanding Parent,’ or ‘How to Select an Appropriate Mate’ would be unthinkable in the academy today.” Let’s hope so. I can see it now: “Life Studies 110: Critical Marriage Theory in a Post-Modern World. This survey course deconstructs antiquated traditional notions of male dominance and white oppression in the domestic arena. Prerequisities: LS 101: Intro Penile Dominance and LS 102: Preliminary Studies in Hating Whitey.”

    • Kavanna

      They can use my masterwork, the Manual of Patriarchy, a carefully composed compilation based on millennia of wisdom 🙂

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