What’s Wrong and How to Fix It, Part 14: Dreaming the New/Old Liberalism
Published on: February 9, 2013
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  • Anthony

    Your ideas infer interest of broad public (Dreaming of New/Old Liberalism) tied to a formal political-legal system. Yet, the operative system that has developed reflects popular inadequacy rather than complete institutional inadequacy. That is, the cleverness of the plutocratic menace (to use your phrase) has derived largely from the fact that they benefit from a generally confused public; a public operating under rule of external freedom (free to choose in their own way) but without equally as much knowledge and insight as plutocratic operatives and their agents. So, perhaps what we also need to fix it is recognition that people in general are far more responsive to blandishment than to reason.

  • John Barker

    One element for hope is that the ideas presented here are reaching a far larger audience and quicker and cheaper than would have been possible in the heyday of the print media. Anyone can alert his friends to this series and send a link; nothing comparable could have been done 20 years ago.

  • Brendan Doran

    The New Deal went very bad. Because bad, selfish people inherited it’s tools. It was a sudden steep fall by nearly the entire elites of American society. Who would you trust with these powers again?

    Not to mention that libertarian bare bones government is all we’ll be able to afford, or trust.

    Dear Sir America will be fine. It’s government must go for her to survive and recover, but she will.

    A word about the plutocratic menace: you’re transferring guilt to them that properly belongs to the sainted agents of our blessed state. It’s more a matter of the stalker of the plutocrats [and their evil money] being outsmarted by their prey. Coyote wasn’t the super-genius he sold himself as nor is he pure. That hardly makes Road-Runner a public menace, or the seat of evil. He just doesn’t want to be eaten.

  • Brendan Doran

    Upon much reflection Mr. Anthony I will take my chances with the people, as opposed to their betters. Who aren’t.

    Mind you the people are very slow to realize the New Deal is so over, so betrayed. Also very slow to realize they have administrative government and not democracy. It’s happening slowly however.

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