French Kissing Mali
Published on: January 30, 2013
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  • Anthony

    Parts of essay intimate that our Malian policy include thinking and feeling in a historical context; that is, weighing both the negative and postive forces that can influence certain events. In concurring, I think such a path brings one’s analysis and interpretation closer to the truth of situation. Which brings to mind: “a historical mode of thought and feeling enables the thinkers and feelers to go beyond the limiting acts of present day arrogance and self-righteousness.” The latter just may counter balance “the spell of the attention-segmenting technologies that are disorganizing our stock of knowledge about most things.”

  • K2K

    I doubt the African Union is “clear on that” because the AU stubbornly insists on preserving colonial borders.

    And, due to confirmation hearings, seems everyone in Congress is expected to study the 1956 Suez crisis.

    I do know at least two other Americans, besides me, who know who the Tuareg are, but, we read a lot.

    I have a small collection of Atlases, and the one from 1958 notes “Tuareg Tribes” in what is now southern Algeria. Hard to imagine how Tuareg nationalism has a chance.

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