The Khedive’s Revenge? A Lesson of Indebtedness and Sovereignty
Published on: January 4, 2013
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  • Great Title!

  • I think you may just have inspired my next science fiction novel, which may not be so fictional.

  • Tom Richards MAmoderate

    USA bailed-out Fabian bankers who foolishly pushed ever more debt; So give them a haircut, payng pittance on non-pension debts.

  • K2K

    I have been thinking of Khedive Ismail solely in relation to Egypt’s Morsi having Christine LaGarde of the IMF dictating austerity measures, NOT the USA’s mountains of debt.

    As for Qatar buying Current TV? I assume they will do everything to scare Americans from supporting any more fracking for natural gas, which is Qatar’s cash cow. And Qatar does not want any US competition.

    Until the sale of CRTTV to Qatar, I had no idea I even had that channel.

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  • Walter Sobchak

    You wrote: “He … set out in 1831 to conquer Syria and Crete from the Sublime Porte.”

    It might have been more communicative to an audience not versed in Middle Eastern History if you had written: He … set out in 1831 to conquer Syria and Crete, which had been governed by the Ottomans.

    The Al Jazeera Gore transaction was not a transfer of assets. Current TV had none. It was a straight bribe to rally environmentalists opposition to the development of North American energy resources (e.g. fracking, keystone pipeline)

    Environmentalists, not only wrong, but corrupt.

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