Conservative Principles of World Order
Published on: December 13, 2012
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  • There is no chance of any set of principles involving any sort of “humility” being adopted by the people who bellow that any failure to be aggressively jingoistic about the unbeatable greatness of America at all times and in all contexts is tantamount to treason. And these are the people calling the shots in the GOP right now, unfortunately for the party and the country.

  • Anthony

    Your essay implies focusing more on strategic impact of 21st century globalization and perhaps a rebalancing (article by M. Lind in Spectator magazine also intimates similar approach: The age of turboparalysis). Additionally, essay speaks to Burkean conservative tradition extrapolated into 21st century circumstances: “They illustrate that while the purpose of politics is not to perfect man, securing the rights shared equally by all depends on tradition, religion, and community cultivating the virtues that fit citizens for freedom.” – such freedom as may be modified by your profferred principles and insights.

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  • mannning

    If I read your essay correctly, you have v ery politely recognized that the nations of the world are not ready for our kind of freedom and democracy, and many if not most of them are hostile to the American ideals themselves, and to Americans. World governance is severely impaired by the majority of nations being amoral or immoral and self-serving in their outlook. Thus our soverignty is imperative.

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  • Brendan Doran


    Yeomans work on the earlier essays of what’s wrong. How to fix it was left somewhat open ended. How to fix our government is going to be the question dominating our futures in America immediate and farther out. I do not forsee a pretty end to Colossus.

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