Surveillance Drones, Take Two
Published on: September 20, 2012
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  • Anthony

    “The problem will come home to roost when other countries develop the same capabilities and start using them against us.” Essay brings to mind two of Niall Ferguson’s killer apps (competition and science) as he describes the West and the rest – imagination, innovation, and culture via available technological blueprints.

  • There you go again *droning* on about the big picture. But I know where you are heading with this. Let me quote Niklas Luhmann at you:

    “Our flight must take place above the clouds, and we must reckon with a rather thick cloud cover. We must rely on our instruments. Occasionally, we may catch glimpses below of a land with roads, towns, rivers, and coastlines that remind us of something familiar, or glimpses of a larger stretch of landscape with the extinct volcanoes of Marxism. But no one should fall victim to the illusion that these few points of reference are sufficient to guide our flight.”

    I.e. the empirical data, interesting and useful though it is, matters less than the abstract logic of a universal theory.

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  • This is a great way to figure out UAVs. It is absolutely vital that academics get hands-on experience of this technology. UAVs are about to change, potentially revolutionise, warfare and the way we think about war and will soon do the same for everyday life. If we want to say anything valuable about drone use, the danger of terrorism via drones and the like, we need to know what these vehicles can do and what they cannot (yet). Please keep writing about your experience.

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