Indian Hitler Store Sparks Backlash
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  • Tschafer

    We in America have little room to talk; it’s considered perfectly respectable in the West to wear t-shirts celebrating another mass murderer, Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Guevara was such a maniac, he even disgusted Castro, not an easy thing to do. Certainly, he didn’t kill as many people as Hitler, but of course, fortunately, he never got the chance. I guess lots of people think it’s ok to celebrate the life and career of a psychopath, as long as he claimed to be doing it for “The People” and was photogenic.

  • Jim.

    So should we shut down every “Great Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue”, since they are equivalent to a chain named “Der Fuhrer’s Beer, Brats, and Bok Choi”?

    Would anyone listen to advice about Hitler, in a country where they idolize Tipu Sultan, whose conquests included a death march every bit as bad (in scale and brutality) as Bataan, targetted against Christians in conquered territories?

    Honestly, in all probability, eventually Berlin will have a sports team known as the “Nazis”. They may not win any more often than the Minnesota Vikings, but their half-time shows would be spectacular… perfomers zooming around the field in Panzers and Abrams tanks the size of Shriner’s cars… UAV ME-262s dogfighting against Mitsubishi zeroes, Fokker tri-planes dogfighting SR-71s, and Gotha flying wings dogfighting B-52s… the crowd will go wild, even as conscientious historians sit and twitch quietly.

    And who in the world, aside from a few patriotism-blinded Russians, doesn’t hold the Stalinist regime (whose Holodomor that murdered tens of millions and whose Gulag Archipelago enslaved as much as 15% of the USSR’s population) to be every bit as bad as the Nazis?

    Look, I agree with the point of view that Hitler and the Nazis were an abomination, and I’m proud that my grandfather (like millions of his generation) put his life on the line to help wipe them out. But to believe that somehow distance from the scene of the crime (either spatially or temporally) won’t attenuate the sense of absolute rejection you’re trying to inculcate, is a bit of a forlorn hope.

    Ah well. Keep fighting the good fight, anyway.

  • Corlyss

    A big stink stirred up when eBay and other electronic flea markets decided to ban commerce in Nazi memorabilia, even though some collectors were legitimate war memorabilia collectors, not goose-steppin,’ chest thumpin,’ white supremacists.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    I hope the shop keeper tells them it’s his shop and he can name it anything he wants to. I’m insulted by those who think they have the right to police my freedom of speech. There should be laws against these kinds of nuisance complaints, which force the complainers to pay a stiff fine to their victims, for infringing on their Right of Freedom of Speech. This is a form assault.

  • f1b0nacc1


    Wonderful imagery! Let me point out that the science fiction writer Larry Niven suggested 40 years ago that someday the Berlin Nazis would be a popular football team…

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