Egypt’s Morsi Berates Syria and Iran
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  • Luke Lea

    Egypt would have an easier time leading the Arab world if they had Saudi’s oil. Too bad Allah didn’t see it that way.

  • I’ll bet if we just sat these various leaders down, once and for all, and moderated a civil discussion over the legitimate heir to Mohammed’s legacy, we could clear this whole Sunni/Shiia thing up by maybe the Tuesday after this Labor Day weekend. Imagine the lives we could save.

  • Richard F. Miller

    Professor, I think your analytical balance is about right. Fears of an Islamists’ Tide somehow sweeping the region are ahistorical. The re-emergence of sectarian, tribal, and (especially in the case of Egypt), national tensions brings Faulkner to mind: The past is never dead. It’s not even past.

    If your analysis is correct the next question is how the United States should manage this situation in its interests. Dealing with a region of competing, would-be hegemons presents some real opportunities for genuinely smart (i.e., alive to American interests) diplomacy.

    We will have competition–Russia and China, to be sure; less so, Europe. (A largely imaginary entity that was unable to develop independent military prowess when times were good will be unable to do so now.)

    The time is about right for some young U.S. diplomat to publish her generation’s iteration of the “X” article!

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