Onshoring Picks Up Steam
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  • Eurydice

    At the same time, there’s another article in today’s WSJ about how US corporations are reincorporating overseas to lower their tax rates.

  • Jim.

    I’m happy to see Onshoring becoming more popular. It would be nice to see a counterbalance to the tendency of firms (from India, in my experience) buying up American companies and shifting the bulk of their workforce back to the home country.

    It’s true what they say about quality, too… you pay about half as much for a worker in India (once you pay the middlemen) but you effectively only get a quarter of the work.

  • JG

    Don’t count the contact center industry out!

    Businesses are increasingly using domestic Work-at-Home agents in their operations. The elimination of facilities related costs helps to offset the differential of offshore labor. This is a trend that is ready to take-off. Watch and see!

  • Mick The Reactionary

    Which one is larger, a number of manufacturing jobs that returned to the USA or a number of posts about it on VMead?

    If one fills post with hot-air instead of facts and stats, there is no limit on imagination.

    Obama now would be a shoo-in for reelection if he appointed Mead as a Job Czar and BLS Director back in 2009.

    BLS Director Mead would have declared unemployment at 2% using ViaMead patented methodology.

    And everyone would be happy on their way to pick-up their government checks.

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