California Prepares Major Pension Bill in Secrecy
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  • Tom Gates

    ” we sympathize with the Democratic Party’s plight in California”. Are you kidding me? Who do you think got the state in the mess in the first place? The Dems have enjoyed the power, presitge and funds from the public unions now they have to be pay the price. Who represents the taxpayers if not the elected officials? Where are the checks and balances or has academia sunk so low that none of that matters any more? This is like consoling a drunk driver who just hit your car and killed your family.

  • Luke Lea

    Safety Net v. Safety Nest

    “The problem with a government-supplied safety net is when it serves as well as a safety nest, subsidizing the birth of a new generation of hatchlings highly likely to need, in turn, the safety net/nest, ad infinitum (or at least until the money runs out).”

  • Jim.

    @Luke Lea-

    It’s worse than that… the taxes that pay for that safety “nest” actively prevent the formation of families and procreation on the part of the prudent and independent typesc, whose largesse (voluntary or involuntary) is essential to keeping the whole rotten system propped up.

    I think Gov Brown and the rest of the Dems are in for a nasty surprise (though they shouldn’t be surprised, really) when California voters soundly reject their tax hike.

    At that point, the entire Left is going to be set back on its heels, as it becomes clear that their Blue dreams are not going to be paid for.

    When even California rejects massive tax hikes, it will become clear that winding down Blue to a more sustainable level is the only path forward.

  • Corlyss

    “ways to make the bill more palatable” = kick the can further down yon highway

    @ Tom

    I’m with you. The fruits of a one-party dictatorship are obvious in Ca. Libs/Progs/Dems have wired themselves to the public fisc, including the US taxpayer, ever since the consequences of Prop 13 became obvious.

  • Sam L.

    Quel suprise!

  • Sam L.

    “The Democrats desperately need to appear to be independent of the state’s voracious public sector unions in order to win voter support for a big tax increase. But they also cannot afford to alienate the motor of their party—the public union movement. To look independent while serving one’s master is a tough proposition. Let’s see how they manage.”
    They may need that desperately, but, desperadoes that they are, ahhhhhh, not gonna happen.

    Yews, the state employed workers have concerns. But the taxpayers have them, too, and the unions and the legislators have together stuck it to the other taxpayers and businesses for too long. Call for Moving Van, Moving Van to the white courtesy telephone, please.

  • DougS

    Here’s a good interview with Jerry Brown:

    While one can sympathize that the legislature’s hands are tied due to so many ballot referendums that skirt the normal legislative process, thus making some problems seemingly unfixable. One does get the gist, when reading Brown’s comments, that the he and the Dems feel they simply have a God given right to X amount of money which should can spend on their fantasy projects, when in fact the public/reality has only given them X/2. But reality be demand, they are going to spend X. Rather X+Y, where Y = High Speed Rail costs. O’Brother.

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