Scranton Mayor Deceives City on Massive Tax Hike
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  • What do you mean ‘if’? It is simple arithmetic. News reports claiming a 69% increase would have confused any city resident who can multiply a decimal.

  • Mick The Reactionary

    So a politician, a most trustworthy profession, said taxes are going up 69%, an independent person checked the math and said it is 81%.

    Wow, a huge shockah. As political lies go, this one a tiny midget.

    Not being familiar with Scranton, PA I looked up their demographics and was surprised. Whites are 85% of total and 20% of adults have at least BS/BA, cities with such demo do not get into financial troubles.

    Unless there is a solid tradition of corrupt and incompetent leadership and poor citizenship on the part of residents.

  • Sam L.

    What? These guys are new(er)?

  • Kenny

    Vote in a Democrat and you get lies and taxes, trademarks of the party of public sector unions, among other loathsome groups.

  • Eurydice

    I can’t get outraged by this because it’s not clear from the article whether the tax increases will be imposed in dollar terms or percentages. The Times-Tribune says that the city will calculate dollar amounts owed off of a 2013 base – so starting with a base of $100, people will owe $12 in 2013, a total of $56.32 in 2014, and a total of $68.56 in 2015, which is 68.56% over three years. If this is what the city actually intends to do, then they’ve miscalculated in converting $ to % increases in the intervening years – they should be 12%, 39.6% and 7.8%.

    There’s a quote by a city official who says something about how the dollars stay the same no matter how the percentages are calculated, so maybe this is what they’re doing – but what’s more clear is that somebody doesn’t know how to do basic math.

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