Syria Update: Jihadis Take Center Stage
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  • Fred

    Jihadis taking center stage in an “Arab Spring” uprising? But…but…but those uprisings are all about freedom and democracy and the rule of law, testaments to the human spirit and the desire in the hearts of all people to be free. Aren’t they?

  • I think it is a mistake to view what is going on in Syria through the lens of Western Liberalism. While there are liberal elements in Syria, the center of gravity in Syria is as alien to Western modernity as the Spanish Inquisition. While not ignoring Liberal elements this analysis at Rubin Reports of a Friday sermon in Syria makes for sobering reading.

  • Sam L.

    Hopefully, you say. I’m not convinced the State Dept. is that capable. And I suspect “constructive partners” won’t show above the noise level.

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