America’s Ship of State: Battered by Time, But Still Afloat
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  • Luke Lea

    [Speaking of keeping the ship of state afloat, here is a nice piece on educating our children to thrive while they are riding on that ship:

    I know, off topic. But the topic will come up again.]

  • gavin

    compare to VASA Swedish ship sank <1 mile after launch.

  • Foobarista

    In case anyone’s wondering, the “still afloat” is needed because Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory of Trafalgar fame is still commissioned, but no longer afloat as she’s in a drydock.

  • Kris

    I condemn this needlessly provocative warlike act by the United States, and demand that it apologize to the United Kingdom.


  • dearieme

    A constitution can last a very long time as long as politicians and courts are prepared to turn a blind eye to it whenever a topic is serious enough.

  • Jim.

    This reminds me of the old question about the Argo… if you replace each of the boards in the ship piece by piece, and then build another ship out of the boards you took out, which ship is the real Argo?

    What Leftists follow today is not the real Constitution.

  • Hayne Hamilton

    The Venerable Mead nods. USS Constitution was launched in 1797. HMS Victory was launched in 1778, and is still on the active fleet list of the Royal Navy. She can be seen, afloat, manned and ready, in Portsmouth Dockyards.

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