Tech-fueled Panic Over Indian Communal Violence
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  • “The role technology seems to be playing in this is notable. And it suggests that as the average Indian standard of living rises and people gain access to a level of connectivity previously reserved for only the best off, these kinds of problems might become more pronounced rather than less.”

    What’s this you’re implying – there may simply BE no unalloyed improvements in this life? Not even in our quasi-sacred realms of technology and commerce? Imagine it: Actual places in the world – not all of them primitive or geopolitically insignificant backwaters either – in which every 2 or 3 steps forward in the technical and business arenas is accompanied by at least a step or two backwards socially and politically. Or even where every gain in a religion’s public profile, activism and contentiousness is marked by a loss of social grace, neighborliness and charity?

    Thanks for continuing to stay on top of a complex and pivotal issue – one I find so poorly or sparsely covered by both mainstream and flamestream media, I’m beginning to wonder if it doesn’t merit the status of an “inconvenient truth.”

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