Libyan Fallout Spreads to Niger
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  • Once again the idustrialized world must decide – and will, sooner or later, like it or not – whether the costs to the entire globe of POLITICAL islam are worth absorbing.

    These costs, arguably hundreds of billions of dollars / year to contain and clean-up after islamism, are monies far better spent on modernizing, educating and providing infrastructure to the developing world.

    Political islam offers only death, destruction and a return to the pre-literate, pre-modern 7th Century Arab lifestyle.

    The last 10+ years resemble nothing so much as The Gathering Strom. We have the ability to prevent the enormous costs we incurred last time when we ignored the gathering and had to then weather the storm. Intelligent, mature leadership would recognize that these costs will be greater now – and that no valid reason exists to weather a storm we can prevent simply by ceasing efforts to contain political islam, and undertake efforts to destroy it.

    The world deserves better than continually to be violently confronted with a death-worshiping cult that refuses to educate its peoples or modernize its cities, exports only violent death and destruction, and demands a return to a pre-literate world.

  • Boko Haram has certainly surprised many Nigeria watchers with its endurance. It has now been three years since the group began its campaign of terror. That said, their activities don’t seem to be affecting the main oil producing regions much, and it is not clear that they have a large following in northern Nigeria. In Mali, there is some indication that the Islamists controlling the North are beginning to realize their weaknesses, in terms of lack of popular legitimacy.

    Niger will likely suffer more destabilization in the near future, but I’m not sure that the driving forces of that instability have long-term staying power.

  • Corlyss

    Just like our meddling forced the European colonial powers to abandon their African colonies to no good, we present said former colonies with another “opportunity to excel.”

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