China’s Asbestos Exposure
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  • Luke Lea

    Not sure why but the Chinese are not nearly as fastidious as the Japanese, especially under communism. (Well, I think I know why under communism, but bad habits are hard to change.)

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “economic pressures within China may explain why normally trustworthy companies ”

    Trustworthy companies? In China?

    Mr Mead, I know a supremely trustworthy Chinese company with a no-asbestos bridge for sale, real cheap.

  • Ed

    This in sharp contrast to the Japanese auto companies, that have not only maintained their excellent quality but even improved it during their 25 years of economic miasma. The Chinese have much longer to go to reach world class status than the conventional wisdom may have thought.

    Is this a sign we can drop our level of alarm regarding their military prowess just a notch?

  • Eric

    The Chinese may have also suffered because of a poor understanding of Australian car history. In the mid ’80’s the Soviets tried to export cars to Australia. The Lada Samara is fondly remembered. So we’re still quite cautious of new car companies trying to sell cheap cars here.

  • Sam L.

    I have read before that Chinese companies producing goods on contract must be closely watched for instances of not meeting specifications. They will cut corners and try to slip them by, so constant monitoring is needed. And that was in the knife industry.

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