A New Chinese Foreign Policy?
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  • Mrs. Davis

    I look at this as a bubble burst/hubris indicator. Why would a country want to join an alliance with China? Maybe they could call it the Last Empire Protection and Expansion Regime.

  • Kansas Scott

    Inasmuch as ignorance is rarely a good thing, I agree that is lamentable that the American press is overlooking this story. However, this lack of attention is not without its benefits.

    You frequently mention how Chinese populist nationalism limits the ability of the powers that be in China to maneuver through various entanglements with other countries. I suspect that the folks in Foggy Bottom are not terribly upset to not have the full attention of the American people.

  • Luke Lea

    Until China is a democracy there is no way neighboring democracies will not feel afraid. In the final analysis it is all about democracy.

  • memomachine

    If you were a member of China’s alliance. What does that give you? Frankly considering the expansionism rampant in China today why any country that adjoins China wouldn’t be fearful of it is beyond me.

  • matthew49

    North Korea, Sri Lanka, and who else?

  • Sam L.

    It’s lamentable, but not at all surprising.

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