Russia Sending Navy to Disputed Pacific Islands
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  • soren

    Sorry WFM, but don’t turn this into a narrative about an aggressive Russia. If anything it’s the Japanese that are the aggressors. They need to get over their loses.

  • rkka

    “hat claim, however, is complicated by the fact that Japan and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact in 1939, which both parties honored until the Soviets finally declared war on Japan in August 1945 (as agreed by the Allies at Yalta).”

    And at the repeated request of the US government. Which the US has repaid by backing Japan’s claims.

    “If Japan had broken the treaty and stabbed the Soviet Union in the back in December 1941”

    Which the Japanese foreign minister who signed said treaty advocated…

    “when German forces were literally in sight of Moscow, Stalin probably would have lost the war.”


    The Red Army had butchered the Imperial Japanese Army at Khalkin-Gol in 1939. Promptly and decisively. Round two would have gone no differently than round one.

    ” Four years later, when Japan was in equally dire straits, Stalin attacked.”

    At the repeated request of the US government…

    You do know that the Japanese surrender instrument required Japan to renounce claims to all islands except those the United Nations saw fit to give them?

    And that Japan had swiped South Sakhalin in 1905 *while the peace talks were going on*?

    Pathetic, Mead, just pathetic.

  • Kevin

    Whatever the merits of Russia’s clams, it is going about them in a ham fisted manner. Driving a wedge between Russia and Japan will not serve its interests. Rather than provocative moves over baren islands Japan is not about to seize anytime soon, it should be looking for friends and investment in its far East, where it feels a serious longer run danger of creeping Chinese annexation.

  • Mick The Reactionary

    @ Kevin says:

    “Whatever the merits of Russia’s clams, it is going about them in a ham fisted manner. Driving a wedge between Russia and Japan will not serve its interests”

    It might appear that way to you and brainless PC globalists who conduct US foreign policy.

    Myself, I have no knowledge of the matter to have an opinion.

    But one thing we do know. Putin is a thug, a Russian Patriot and a political genius. He plays 3-D political chess for decades, while his pathetic opponents shooting spitballs.

    Starting in 1998 with no cards to play he throughly outplayed Clinton, Bush and Barry HoppyChanger.

    My guess would be that Putin plays a carefully balanced game between China, whom Russians do not like and very concerned with but have to play along, and Japan whom they respect.

  • Kenny

    Russia has a navy; who knew?

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “Russia has a navy; who knew?”

    You are being silly.

    Hunt For Red October book is a good high level summary of Soviet Navy technology for that time (1980). It is probably somewhat relevant today, major Navy technologies change very slow.

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