How Wobbly is Assad?
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  • John Burke

    Let’s recall how many observers, including credulous journalists and various pundits, warned that the regime could be “36 hours from collapse” after the bomb attack that killed several top security officials. That happened on July 18.

  • Some despots are good at hanging on indefinitely, but I think the situation in Syria is too hot for that to happen there. By hot I mean the rebels and thier sponsors are not going to back off and Assad seems to be suffering real detections political and military while his opponents are well supplied and motivated. The situation is simply too volatile for him to stabilize. Even if he does manage a stalemate the Saudis and the Turks will pour more petrol on the flames.

  • Kris

    So far, Assad has a solid grip on power. His military can win convincingly wherever it focuses its forces. That said, I tend to agree with [email protected], and collapse could be very rapid.

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