Unrest in the Kingdom as Saudis Open Fire on Protestors
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  • Keystone Pipeline

  • Mick The Reactionary

    Arab Spring is not stoppable!

    Another Muslim Brotherhood Democracy coming to an oil-filled [place] in ME!

    What could go wrong?

  • Jim.

    Are the new petrochemical finds in the US and Canada serving to stabilize the markets at all? Are they seeing any surge in investment money?

    The downfall of the Sauds could stabilize the word long-term, as they stopped being able to finance radical Islam. I hope our short-term interests do not depend on them too much.

    Alternatively, if the House of Saud were to change its tune and allow more religious freedom (for Shiites, and even allow the construction of churches) and more democracy (a constitutional monarchy modeled on Britain or Sweden, perhaps), then they would be well worth our support.

  • Corlyss

    Personally, I’m beginning to see the Arab spring differently. I’m thinking it’s 600 years overdue, since they never had their Reformation or their 30 years war. We should get out of their way and let exhaust themselves killing each other, then deal with the winners. Let the Sunnis obliterate the Shia, or vise versa. Let the Christians get out of there the best way they can. Quit trying to throw the balance of power one way or the other – they’re all a bunch of murderous primative tribal butchers given half a chance. Let them sort it out.

  • Corlyss

    @ Walter

    And fracking.

  • Kris

    And then we have the unfounded rumors about Prince Bandar having the same perspective on daisies as Richard Holbrooke.

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