Draghi Raises Expectations Only to Tear Them Down
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  • Wifman

    Why don’t you say what those “drastic measures” are: Germany pays the bill while the corruption goes on and more debts are incurred. All the while taxes in Germany go up, competitively goes down until the money press is pulled out, effectively annihilation what is left our investment capacity

  • Wifman

    Ruining our strength as a high tech producers of the world, leaving our children and grandchildren with a failed economy, with the French finally achieving what they have dreamed of since Napoleon: being the greatest Nation in Europe. Because make no mistake: this whole mess has been orchestrated by them since before occupied Germany was forced to agree to the Euro as the price for being allowed to reunite. Some brand of freedom we have there, don’t we?

  • Kris

    “the more ECB president Mario Draghi tried to explain what the ECB was up to in his afternoon press conference, the more the markets fell.”

    The louder he talked of his honor…

    [email protected]: “with the French finally achieving what they have dreamed of since Napoleon: being the greatest Nation in Europe”

    Without addressing your general point, this reminds me of the end of Arthur Clarke’s Childhood’s End. Did Not Like. As in I did not toss it lightly aside.

  • goodonyaa

    Perhaps it’s time to take Germany to task for their role in this sad affair. For too long the narrative has been the lazy, profligate PIIGS freeloading off of the industrious Germans. I believe Germany has been cooking its books just as badly as Greece or Italy: if one looks more closely at the vaunted German balance of trade it will likely reveal that much of its impressive revenue stream is in the “accounts receivable” column, in large part to Greece, Spain, Italy, etc. for which it will never actually receive payment. Germany has used the Euro to artificially prop up its manufacturing sector by “selling” to uncreditworthy buyers, just as the Greeks used it to fund its lavish welfare state. Germany needs to see and correct the error of its ways every bit as much as the Greeks.

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