Iran and Hezbollah: The Dynamic Duo of International Terrorism
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  • Mick The Reactionary


    “This kind of candor is surely painful to the eyes and ears of EU bureaucrats, who continue to maintain that there is no “tangible evidence” that Hezbollah engages in terrorist activity.”

    This is in tremendous contrast to Obama regime and Clinton State Department newly found friendly cooperation with Muslim Brotherhood.

    Perhaps Prof Mead could educate us on the difference between Hizba political arm and Muslim Brothers?

    I looked and looked and see no difference. No difference whatsoever.

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  • Mick, Hezbollah, is a Shiite organization run by Iran. The Brotherhood is a Sunni organization based in Egypt. For many years it was an underground political party, but their nominee Morsi, was just elected President of Egypt. he also was awarded the Edward John Smith medal. Hamas is the Gaza wing of the Brotherhood.

  • Both Hezbollah and Hamas are based on anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism. When they are not plotting to kill Jews and Americans, they kill each other.

  • Mick The Reactionary

    @ Walter Sobchak:

    “Mick, Hezbollah, is a Shiite organization run by Iran….”

    Walter, I can read wikipedia as well as the next guy.

    Do I need to put smiley in there or /?

    The point, which was totally missed, is that Hizba political arm and Moslem Bros are political wings of Islamic jihadi groups.
    Their aims are virtually identical:
    establishing caliphate, Islam supremacy, destruction of Israel, destruction or conversion the West, etc.

    Of course administration of B Hussein 0bama is OK with one group and not (?) OK with another. At least Euros are more honest, they are OK with all jihadi groups.

  • Kris

    “Iran and Hezbollah: The Dynamic Duo”

    I hesitated what famous duo I should compare them to, and finally settled on Batman and Robin, simply because the image of Nasrallah as the Boy Wonder is so giggle-inducing.

    Mick, Walter: There are great differences between an SUV and a bus. It can be very useful to study and understand them. But if either of them has run you over, who cares about all that?

  • Mick The Reactionary

    @ Kris:

    “There are great differences between an SUV and a bus. It can be very useful to study and understand them. But if either of them has run you over, who cares about all that?”

    Very succinct and well said.
    It is also rather obvious.
    Why the bi-partisan Ruling Class fails to see the point? And fails for 11 years now.

  • Why, Mick?

    Because they are more afraid of being tarred with the sobriquet of “crusaders”, than they are of mis-identifying threats to life and liberty.

    Though simply blaming it all on “Islam” as some do is not much better in this regard.

    What really needs to be articulated — then ACTED UPON — by free people is that these rogue states and their gang “muscle” do not respect life and liberty, therefore they do not deserve sovereign respect.

    Problem is, too many in that Ruling Class lack the confidence in those self-evident truths this nation was founded to protect, to the degree needed to stand up and declare that these nations do not respect those truths and therefore are a threat … then act like they ARE a threat.

    They have chosen instead to treat dictator and democrat as though they are morally equivalent and equally worthy of sovereign respect.

    As long as people do not threaten life and liberty, I will respect theirs … no matter what they believe, even if they are hermaphroditic Martians who worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    If they do not, they shouldn’t expect even the opportunity to surrender, once we engage.

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