China Embraces NIMBYism
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  • Lea Luke

    It’s good to see the Chinese doing things in the public interest. However they still have a way to go as this rather disturbing story illustrates.

    Let’s hope it is China’s bio/cultural traditions that are responsible for this state of affairs, not something more impossible to change.

    Who knows, there may be a silver lining in the current enclosure movement that is destroying the village clans?

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “In light … concerns over the contamination of China’s food, water, and air, the government is taking real steps to reduce pollution, the most significant of which is an effort to run all power plants—and a lot more vehicles—on natural gas rather than dirtier energy sources like coal.”

    Please provide some facts based prove of this assertion.

  • Jim.

    Ironic that Shaw’s Alfie Doolittle was in the recycling business, eh? The prestige of the common dustman has come a long way in the Liberal mind, in a hundred years.

  • As far as it goes – which of course one can never safely predict where mainland China is concerned – all good news. It’s encouraging that more and more mainlanders are coming seriously to regard themselves as human beings with rights and needs like the rest of us (and yes, I can believe that does presuppose a certain level of wealth and general prosperity – but maybe also an incipient sense of nationhood?). As opposed to the way the majority have seen both themselves and each other through much, if not most, of their history: as so much infinitely malleable and disposable raw material for the World’s One True Civilization.

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “As far as it goes – which of course one can never safely predict where mainland China is concerned – all good news.”

    Need I remind that Mead provided zero supporting data for his assertions?

    It is entirely possible that the whole phenomena exists entirely in Dr Mead brain?

  • @ Mick The Reactionary:

    I don’t know your opinion as to the reputability of the source. But maybe this is something of what Prof Mead was trying to put in a nutshell:

    Mind you, I’m as prepared as anyone to believe bad news from Beijing. But if you put even so much as a straw of good news in front of me re China, most of the time I’m at least semi-willing to grasp it.

  • Lowell

    There is a considerable amount of data about how societies clean up pollution as they become more wealthy. In fact, economists have noticed almost an algebraic function where societies will clean up one area (like water) when their wealth reaches one level and another when their wealth reaches a higher level.

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