UN Misses Deadline for Arms Treaty
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  • Kenny

    ‘…. negotiations will continue behind the scenes, followed by a vote in the UN General Assembly in a couple of months.’

    All is not wasted. Think of all the great meals and high living the ‘negotiators’ are availing themselves to while this dead-end process drags on.

    And let’s be honest, Mr. Mead, isn’t that what is actually motivating the UN-trash?????

  • Corlyss

    “What needs to happen next time around is that groups like the NRA and other opponents should be consulted early in the formation of U.S. government negotiating positions. You need buy in from key groups at a very early stage, or you’re likely just wasting everyone’s time.”

    What proposals like this need desperately is scuppering, strangulation in the cradel if you will, the “fatal embrace” whereby an ancient foe signs on and then makes sure that the proposal never goes anywhere.

  • Eurydice

    Bringing key opponents into the loop seems like such a logical move that I wonder if the actual goal might not be something else other than success.

  • Albert

    WRM writes “Now somebody in our government needs to learn how to negotiate with Americans.”

    Are you serious? The great and mighty, the ones who know better, the ones with credentials from the greatest institutions of higher learning negotiate with the hoi polloi! Those lower class people. Oh God, they might even be Republicans or believe those strange religious ideas. Yuck…

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