UN Arms Treaty on Fast Track to Failure
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  • Kenny

    “Somehow, the people in the State Department who negotiate treaties need to have better and closer connections with the people in the Senate who ultimately have to vote on them.”

    Actually this statement does not go far enough.

    The fact is that the people in the State Department have to develop connections with 1) the U.S. Constitution and 2) the American people.

    Far too often, these bureaucrats think they are the country.

    It is not their tune we dance to, rather they have to dance to ours. Right Mr. Mead?

  • Anthony

    “The US and Russia – among the world’s largest exporters of weapons – as well as China have reservations about an international deal. Can any international arms deal be done without either of above countries not in (senate consideration/confirmation aside)?

  • Anthony

    @1: correction, “….”

  • Rafael

    A comment about a past story:


    WMR is apparently laudating Christians’ rational non-response to the nutty reaction of an Israeli minister to some Christian book he received from a missionary group. Though the words Muslim or Islam nowehere appears on the blog post, it’s clear what game he’s playing.

    Now, please, for more Christian rationality, read below.


  • Corlyss

    Amen, Kenny.

    State’s always run its own foreign policy. This gun treaty, like Kyoto, is just a reflection of the left’s favorite delusions. It won’t do a darn thing to stop the circulation of guns since a lot of it is done by governments who don’t give a fig for treaties.

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “Secretary Clinton has learned a lot about forming these kinds of personal relationships, but clearly the process needs to go beyond just that. ”

    Sec Clinton maybe should stop helping hard-line anti-american, anti-israel Islamic forces like Muslim Brothers to take over one country after another in ME.

    One might hope that Obama’s State Dept would even move so radically that it will assume a neutral position between USA and Muslim world. That would a big positive step.

  • Jim.

    Wow, so the Dems really are serious about resurrecting the NRA, after it started to fade from the scene as a result from the Roberts court decision that the Constitution protects an individual’s right to bear arms in self-defense?

    Just how dumb are these people?

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