Raul Castro Plays the MSM…Again
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  • Fred


    I’m afraid you ignore the pronounced ideological bias against capitalism on the part of liberals and the media. Were an American administration to make our lifting of the embargo contingent upon their allowing American investment, all the bien-pensants would rise as one to condemn the US’s greedy imperialism and disrespect for diverse politico-economic cultures.

    Sure, the hermanos Castro play the game well, but they have a lot of help from millions of useful idiots in this country.

  • Mick The Reactionary


    “Bring in foreign employers and investors and … tourism industry that unrestricted trade with the US would allow, and it would all be gone with the wind. The Communist Party of Cuba would have to move over and make room for other power centers.”

    Exactly!!! Precisely that happened in China!
    Oh, wait…

    I have heard about Ivory Tower, I have not realized it is a Brain Jail.

  • Jim.

    If allowing Cuban-American money to filter back to Cuba would lead to the defeat of the regime, why would ending the embargo (and allowing the money to end the regime) cost a politician the support of Florida in an election?

    It sounds to me like politicians are not the people you need to persuade, here.

  • Walter Sobchak

    The Castro brothers need to be put into an assisted living facility. There should be no negotiations. They should be told and we should make it happen, with an MEU if need be. There was never a reason to tolerate a hostile regime within our territorial waters. When they could use the Soviet Union to keep us at bay, we were stymied. That has not been an issue for years. Of course we will have to extirpate the Fair Play For Cuba Committee from the State Department first.

  • hepzeeba

    >>There are some good individual exceptions to the rule, but overall U.S. press coverage of international affairs is rather dull. Vague liberal biases reign supreme, less because there is a conscious effort to make propaganda than because many journalists haven’t developed their analytical skills.

    Their analytical skills? How about some basic knowledge, of other languages and other cultures. The ignorance of our “journalists” about the world beyond our shores is embarrassing and demoralizing.

    Worse, it confers the air of authority on those august bloviators who, because they’ve traveled a bit, appear to know what they’re talking about (Kristof, Friedman, Joe Klein, etc.). And their “authority” always reflects those “vague liberal biases,” which often are neither vague nor liberal. Occasionally, they are so progressive that they’re reactionary.

    My opinion only, of course.

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