Is India Starting to Think Like a Great Power?
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  • Kenny

    One might be able to take these Indians seriously if they first addressed their untouchables, ya think?

  • Anthony

    “If this century has, in the famous phrase, made the world safe for democracy, the next challenge is to make the world safe for diversity” – a very worthy challenge in an unseemly troubled world. Sashi Tharoor has vision perhaps inspired by both new century and new transformations; the common interests of mankind certainly benefits from such vision when successful.

  • Jim.

    “-that it shouldn’t matter what the colour of your skin is, the kind of food you eat, the sounds you make when you speak, the God you choose to worship (or not), so long as you want to play by the same rules as everybody else, and dream the same dreams”

    Right. So, it shouldn’t matter if we’re different so long as we’re all the same. At least, so long as we all have the same deeply-held beliefs.

    This sort of diversity is nonsense, is completely unrealistic considering human nature, and above all, has nothing to do with being a Great Power.

    Shame on you for spouting this nonsense.

    If Diversity means anything, it means that other people are going to have different deeply held beliefs than you do.

    If Tolerance means anything, it means that you’re going to have to find a constructive way to deal with that.

    Making everyone the same in the name of Diversity and Tolerance is a sick joke. Too bad Leftists have no sense of humor.

  • John

    Jim, isn’t WRM or his lackey simply agreeing with your penultimate and antepenultimate paragraphs, presumably then adding that the constructive way to deal with that is a high degree of political rights for all, as one would hope for in a rising power?

    I admit that I’m possibly downplaying “and dream the same dreams”, which would either have to be taken as referring to “of political freedom for all who play by the rules” or else be incongruous and problematic. But the rest of the article, I think, supports something like the former reading.

    That said, I didn’t find the source article particularly profound.

  • Rahul

    Respond to Kenny-Mr.kenney when you guys will learn to take care your own untouchables-the Black [hateful, ignorant expression deleted] and your Mexican [nasty ethnic slur indicating commenter’s poor manners and low intellectual attainment deleted] those who encroach your land and populate like [unsuitable comparison casting grave doubt on commenter’s intelligence deleted].At leaset we Indian describe the social order of labour as per skill to encourage to attend “Brahmanism” anybody those who are in the lower strata of the social order to hierarchy,no slave trading human being or kill ruthlessly the native Indians those very people sheltered you. Your intellect shows how low your humanism take beating following your fraudulent Abrahamic Christian faith.

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