California Smears Green Lipstick on Another Boondoggle
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  • Kris

    “green opposition to the idea is mounting”

    Well duh.

    “Cure for Cancer Found! Greens Object.”
    “Jesus Rises! Greens Object.”
    “Arab-Israel Peace Agreement! Greens Object.”

  • Greg in Denver

    And yet, the one thing that would actually be revenue generating, middle class oriented, tangible and bring prosperity across the widest spectrum of manufacturing, regions and is on the balance safe – it is not to be spoke of per the Unicorns, fracking. Decades of potential success for both private & public sector under the progressive brand of “don’t even go there”.

    File under, how the smart become mendacious.

  • vanderleun

    The fly in the ointment is the concept behind “which will employ a generation of union workers.”

    What makes anyone think that union workers or even workers with the skill set to do most of the jobs required by a project of this kind still reside in California?

    Construction on this level with the kinds of experience required does not just come into existence ex nihilo. Perhaps — if they are crazy enough to fund this sump-pump project a goodly number of people can be persuaded to move into California…. but where…. and at what cost in current housing costs.

    Likely to do little to solve California’s employment woes.

  • Eurydice

    How come nobody ever unveils something that only costs a couple of thousand dollars?

  • John Stephens

    Since the project will never be built, it doesn’t really matter whether the skilled workers exist. The Permit Raj and it’s allies will find ways to spend that $24 billion without turning a single shovelload of dirt.

  • John Barker

    I thought they had outlawed non-medical pot in California.

  • Richard Treitel

    If I didn’t know how far Meade Manor was from the Golden State, this would confirm it. California’s community colleges did offer reasonably priced vocational courses as of the last time I looked, and the only two state agencies I have to deal with year in year out (DMV, FTB) are reasonably well webbled. The big problems are the environmental Gestapo, plus some other absurd regulations, and the high taxes. They are indeed as bad as you say.

  • Jim.

    @Richard Treitel:

    California’s community colleges are taking their share of hits, though, and social mobility is suffering as a result.

    Calculus courses are among the first to be cut, because “not enough students pass”. Clue, guys, Calc is hard, and most a large share of the kids who end up at community college aren’t up to that level where math is concerned, for a variety of reasons.

    However, if you’re one of those poor kids who are talented enough to hack it, and you need to take advantage of the low expense of community college plus the fact you can stay close to home and help out with your family for two years’ (or however long your schedule requires) worth of classes, it’s your best ticket to a UC Engineering school.

    And they’re shutting that down in too many cases, in favor of payouts to administrators and enforcement of a new regimen of blaming math and science teachers for kids who just don’t pay enough attention in class to learn the material.

  • Glen

    Neither California nor the Nation’s skies are “cluttered” with airplanes.

    Please contact me on your next visit to the Bay Area so that you can personally fly our open skies.

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