The Secret Strategy Behind Mormon Theocracy
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  • Dave Schutz

    Wally Herger is retiring, so there goes your conspiracy!

  • ms

    It’s also very clever of Mormons to have plced their people in positions of power in both parties. That is just a ruse, however. Harry Reid is really a conservative posing as a liberal.

  • Andrew Allison

    Thank you for exposing this fiendish plot!
    No doubt the opportunists who have been attacking the candidate’s religion will now turn their attention to those Mormons already in office! Alternatively, perhaps we could turn up the heat under those who fail to grasp that discrimination on the grounds of religion is prohibited by law.

  • Jim.

    @Andrew Allison-

    But if we actually respected the part of the Constitution that prohibited religious tests for public office, how else could we keep the judiciary free of conscientious Christians? That would set back the cause of imposing secular values through the courts by a generation, if not forever!


  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    Let’s see 535 Senators and Congressmen and 14 of the are Mormons, so 2.6%. Holy Hanna! You’re right it’s a strategic conspiracy of Biblical, Ooops, I mean LDS proportions. Lock up the virgins, and keep your powder dry, we are in for the fight of our lives!


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