Zuma Chilly on Sino-African Ties
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  • Brendan Doran

    @ WRM – why does China care? And as I understand it I don’t think Europe much gives a damn either. Libya for them was about oil and refugees, and Sarkozy slapping some Muslims around for domestic reasons. Africa is not in a position to complain about any investment, and isn’t likely to..

  • “@ WRM – why does China care?”

    Exactly. And why should anyone? Rather, why not encourage – indeed, why not EXPECT – China to go on behaving like it’s the only kid who counts on certain blocks in the global neighborhood? Who knows if it won’t embolden Beijing towards even greater pushiness – and a more self-righteous sense of impunity (assuming that’s possible) – in more upscale parts of town? We can only hope. Meanwhile, as always in matters Chinese, WE must be sure of doing nothing to provoke THEM.

    “America’s interest from a political, economic, and humanitarian point of view must be in the economic development of Africa and the unleashing of the potential of its people. Infrastructure, education, development of resources: all good.”

    Once again, I may need to recheck the planet I’m on. But it seems to me that, much as VM’s is a fairly accurate summary of OFFICIAL Western goals and attitudes re African development, Mr Doran’s post may be a no less accurate reflection of the underlying sentiments shaping actual policies over the past four decades. Whether we continue to be satisfied with the results will in part depend, I would suggest, on how deep, how fast and how far jihadification takes root in West-Central Africa. Not to mention the ever-popular Horn and adjacent regions.

  • Kris

    [email protected]: “Who knows if it won’t embolden Beijing towards even greater pushiness – and a more self-righteous sense of impunity”


    As to your last two sentences: Coming soon to a Horn near you, Black African Jihadis vs Profit-oriented Chinese Commies! Pass the popcorn. (No, not really, but I am a commenter of very little brain who doesn’t see any easy solutions.)

  • Kris @3:

    A belated thanks – where HAVE I been lately? – for the reminder about the latest inglorious Sino-Russian incident. Must say I did find the story more than a little Pythonesque when I first read it. And yet for some reason (make sure you’re sitting down), as an example of what I’m talking about it completely escaped me. Not sure if I’m taking those clever Chinese too seriously, or is it that nothing they do surprises me anymore . . .

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