As Burma Reforms, Its Social Fabric Frays
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  • Corlyss

    “Well-known Burmese journals and newspapers, celebrities, and politicians support the view that in the interest of Burma’s national security, the Rohingya must be denied basic human rights and ejected from the country.”

    They should never have let them in in the first place. Awfully hard to get ’em out when they’re already squatting in your backyard.

    Something has to be done about this screwball notion that any Tom, Dick, or Harry from anywhere in the world has a right to move into your country and you don’t have any right to prevent him.

  • Wifman

    In my opinion, what we see here seems to be the typical islamist expansion strategy, that can also be observed in Israel: Though they used to be citizens of other, surrounding countries, the minorities are suddenly cut off from the mother-countries, and left to fight against the oppression (fake in the case of Israel, potentially real in the case of Burma) by themselves – in the name of allah, of course.

    Or, as Cem Özdemir, a “German” politician said: “What we failed to do with military might in 1683, we will achieve today with our intelligence.”

  • Karl

    Those of us who have studied the history, will understand that trying to assimilate Rohingyas into the Myanmar ethnicity is a non-starter. Whereas, looking just across the border in Bangladesh, one reads the local newspapers crying about how EASILY the Rohingyas blend in…. virtually identical languages, bodyforms, religion.

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